Web development
prefetch-jekyllMy website's source code for Jekyll (a static site generator)Prefetch3 days
prefetch-hugo(OLD) My website's Hugo source code before I migrated to Jekyll, please excuse the messPrefetch3 months
prefetch-zola(OLD) My website's Zola source code before I migrated to Hugo, please excuse the messPrefetch2 months
Basic programming exercises
aoc2015Advent of Code 2015 solutions in Python 3 (made in 2022, not 2015)Prefetch7 months
aoc2016Advent of Code 2016 solutions in Rust (made in 2023, not 2016)Prefetch7 months
More advanced programming projects
deft-bsBand structure (BS) calculations for non-metals by density functional theory (DFT) in Python, currently bugged!Prefetch2 months
linenLinux multithreading library written in x86_64 assemblyPrefetch2 months
Configurations and scripts
configs-publicMy dotfiles and other configs I use on various systemsPrefetch3 days
winvm-v1(OLD) Script to start a Windows VM with GPU passthroughPrefetch3 years
winvm-v2libvirt XML for a Windows VM with GPU passthroughPrefetch3 days